Jade Black is a non-boundary artist based in NYC. He always challenge new visual experiments with own point of view about the universe and society. The diverse forms of his works including painting, sculpture, installation, fashion collection and performance shows how Jade does not limit himself and represents his curiosity as an art.

Jade aims to create art contains both of visual impacts and philosophical questions, so it can resonate with the people in nowadays society. His artworks are divided into pop and conceptual art.


Jade Black’s pop artworks are based on specific belief and energy. Since Jade was a child, he likes reading science books and going to museums. He felt special when he founds specific things that lead his heart strongly.

The first parts of them are artworks from human’s endeavor to understand the universe through God and religion. The examples are artworks from African and American civilization, Cubism and Renaissance arts. The another is accidental and beautiful form of experimental equipments and spaceships from scientists. The others are the world of sophisticated cells which compose a life, and the quantum world in which different orders exist.

Jade claims that micro world, human society and universe are connected. Based on this belief, Jade has been working for 10 years and the series of Inside & Outside and Microcosm & Macrocosm compose his Pop Artworks. Jade Black disassembles and combines inspirations from multiple universes. He finally aims to recreate them as a ‘Brand’, the new civilization of contemporary society.


Jade Black’s conceptual art reflects contemporary society. To the current generation living in the 21st century, the biggest confusion is mainly based on ‘blurred boundaries'. Nowadays, blurred lines between human and A.I, nature and artifice, nations, ethnic groups, and genders cause an identity crisis.

Boundaries and binaries are based on ‘definition’ and ‘classification’. By using these devices, humans could easily communicate each other and construct society by dividing right and left. However, clear boundaries that divide everything exists only in human’s imagination. That Boundaries are just like Schrödinger's cat. They are simultaneously both alive and dead without absolute positions.

In Jade’s art world, he switches the hierarchy of two conflicting objects with blurred boundary. The message from this new situation with a discomfort Déjà Vu is simple. “Nothing is forever, be yourself.”